So much for simplicity…

I know, I know it’s been a ridiculous six months. I haven’t written anything! Lots has changed, lots hasn’t. The things that have changed have kinda thrown me off track. Kinda…who am I kidding, Totally. Totally is the proper word. I’m TOTALLY off track.

I’m still super excited about the co-op, but that was put on hold until Paul gets here to help me because my actual job is too demanding. Paul and I have made our engagement official on Facebook so the -ish has dropped off of fiance! I’m so thrilled to marry that man! Paul’s interview for his K-1 fiance visa is at 9:45a on Tuesday (4:45p on Monday our time) *fingers crossed*. Then the move planning can begin for him.

My HUGE corporate conversion project is over, so that has slowed down for me a little bit. There was a car accident thrown in there. My 15 year old son has moved in with me for now (with much narcissistic baby daddy drama baggage brought with him).  My father is in the process of moving here to Texas to live on my property with all of us. How does a girl go from living alone to having 3 men from 3 very different parts of the world/country move in with her? *Shrugs* Who knows. So here we are…

I need a drink. Now. A strong drink.

I promise I’ll do better at writing more, I need to. It’s self-help and motivation all at the same time. But for now, I need to start planning to build a pepper bed for Brian (my son) so he can get his Carolina Reapers, Scorpion peppers and Devil’s tongue peppers ready to grow. Bring on the burning bum.

Till next time!




So much for simplicity…