Change of Plans…Perhaps

You all know that my dream is to ultimately end up living a simple, clean, green life on my own little farmette. I’m curious to find out if you think that obtaining that dream through a mortgage is blasphemous. The reason I ask is my father and I were talking today about his plan to move here, he made me think of a somewhat non-traditional traditional idea. He grew up on a farm and has the knowledge of an encyclopedia so that led me to believe that maybe I should invest in a property that fits my dreams and develop it while I’m working my tail off and able to support it, pay it off and rehab it on the weekends. Not an expensive place but a fixer on 5+ acres in a rural area of the country ~100k or less.  The goal is to be debt free but why not use debt to build your dream if you can actually support it but don’t have the immediate funds to invest. I can hear the arguments now, save your money then pay for it and not have debt. While valid, I get it…but I’m not getting any younger so why not buy it and fix it into something viable, livable and profitable as time permits then when it comes time to move into it, retire, all you have to do is maintain? What are your thoughts? Should I be burned from the proverbial stake at even considering using “big banks” to support my dream?

Change of Plans…Perhaps

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