It’s Finally Happened!

I have some news…are you sitting down?
Paul’s visa was approved to move to America! Wheeeee! Yippeee! <Insert your favorite happy dance here!> What a relief it is! Now we can start planning the move for him and Aeris. We’re aiming for the middle of June, just 4 short months away. There is so much to do on this end in preparation for his arrival, I should make a list.

You know what else this means? Our little co-op can get underway again soon. I’m so excited about that too. A friend of mine has offered to assist me in getting our website up and going. I can’t wait to sell delicious fruits and veggies to the lovely people of our county. We’re not looking to make millions, just share the goodness of clean food with people to help the movement.

I’ve added a new thing to learn to my ever growing list, kombucha. I’ve purchased some from HEB (a Texas based grocer) and it’s delicious especially the blueberry pomegranate. It’s not difficult to make (says the girl who’s never made it before) just need a few simple things. I’ll give it a try this summer.

Till Next Time Y’all!


It’s Finally Happened!

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