A Foundation is Built

I crave simplicity, I do…I really, really do. However, I manage to muck it all up with complexities that blow even my own mind. So what do I do? In the midst of working a full time job as a Project Manager in the middle of a HUGE corporate conversion project, planning a wedding (or 2), an international move with my long distance boyfriend/fiance-ish Paul & Aeris (his cat), and preparing for immigration stuff, I decide to start a business. Told ya, I complicate things.

Let me give you a little history…

My brother and sister-in-law, Sam & April started an all organic co-op several years ago in the nether regions of Southeast Georgia. It took off like a bolt of lightning. I was so proud of them and super impressed at how well the community responded to them and the clean eating movement. It really started to hit home when I went to visit and saw how healthy they looked and that this clean eating had influenced other areas of their lives. For example, Sam was gardening. Now, you don’t know my little brother but the the little brother I grew up with would NEVER choose to be outside gardening vs. watching Earnest Goes to Camp or something equally ridiculous so I was inspired by their transformation.

When I got home from the visit, I began looking around my area for an organic co-op to no avail. Of course, there were several in the Houston area but none that serviced the areas I lived or worked in. I began talking to Ape (my SIL, April) about opening one in my area with a similar model as theirs. She and Sam were of course very supportive. The idea didn’t take, I didn’t pursue it for whatever reason…I don’t really know why. I guess it wasn’t what the Universe had planned for me just yet.

Fast forward a year or two…

When my boyfriend/fiance-ish (the -ish because it hasn’t become official on Facebook, we all know nothing’s real until it’s on Facebook, right? *wink*), Paul decided he would move from Australia to Texas to live with me, he made a really good (and very admirable) point. He said, “I can’t work until I get approval from immigration and that could take months according to our lawyer. I don’t want you to have to support both of us during that time.” *sigh* Do you see why I’m so excited to marry this man?! I brought up the idea of opening the co-op to him as a way to supplement our income, support our local farmers, promote sustainable agriculture, maybe make a change for the better in our own lives/health and if we are lucky inspire others to do the same.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not the healthiest eating folks you’ll ever meet but the more we read about the modifications to our food the more vigilant we have become about what we put in our bodies. A co-op supports both of our core beliefs of how we feel our countries have lost touch with the act of being a community and everything that entails.

We both agreed that this could be our part in improving our community, ourselves and help local agriculture. So, with the support of Paul, Sam and April, I set off and County Road Co-op was born.

In the coming weeks, I’ll keep you posted about how County Road Co-op is coming along, adding in of course the funny stories that happen along the way. There are plenty of those in my family to go around. Between late night website building with April and our ridiculously funny conversations or Paul’s test kitchen blunders both here and in Australia. We manage to have our fun.

Wish us luck!

A Foundation is Built

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